The Sacred Skin Art of Poppy Palin

Poppy was a tattoo artist who ran a studio in Wiltshire, UK.

She is curently unable to tattoo but offers a 'tattoo design for charity' service.

Above: Snake and ammonite design created for Poppy's 'design for charity' service with the actual piece, tattooist unknown

The main focus of Poppy's tattoo art work was to:

Above: Adder and oak leaves design and the actual piece, tattooist unknown

To have your tattoo designed by Poppy email your interest or ideas to

Because of her physical limitations Poppy is unable to enter into email correspondance so anybody wanting a design will be given a postal address to send your specifications to. Please think about size, position, colour, meaning and collect any reference material you want to share. DO NOT send this refernce imagery by email, it can be posted by 'snail mail' later.

Please be prepared for a wait as Poppy is unable to reply immediately If you need your design completed by a particular time please specify as it may not be possible.

Poppy does not charge for her time and effort but asks that you donate to an animal welfare charity for this service.

Above: Green man tattoo design

The recipients of the adder/snake tattoo design and the green man design (seen above) made donations to:

mail to: Ring or text mob: 07762 195 187


Below: Sketch for seasons/elements/ interconnectedness tattoo design (left) and the actual piece

Above: Design to honour Motherhood


There were no digital cameras available when they were taken - if better images can be found they will be posted.

Above: Design for a Lady Godiva backpiece and an awful photo of the design itself

Above: Warrior Tattoo and Wristband, Native American Armband etc.

Below: Prayer to the Great Mystery

Above: Celtic Back piece using Poppy's own 'dot shading' style, similar to ink work done with a Rotering drawing pen and below is a wolf and ravens piece in the same style

Below: From design to finished piece in watershading

Below: Full colour Faery Tattoo based on a Brian Froud image (left) and a client's own design

Above : Tattoo design to mark a rite of passage for a Druid

Here are some further examples of Poppy's green-spirited tattoo work which are highly coloured. Such colour work is highly susceptible to sun fading ...especially the reds through to yellow. The green through to indigo pigments are more permanent, in fact if you have a tattoo removed by the painful 'ruby laser' method you will find that these shades are stubborn!

N.B. Unless you want the 'faded look', ALWAYS use a sun block on precious ink work!

Poppy always loved to do portraits and below are tattoos of a young Bob Dylan,


An early tattoo of Lennon...she would do it far better now!

Below: two more portraits...shame about the quality of photo

Below are two arm bands ...neither of which go all the way round! For the pain it causes it's not worth it (and the underneath of the arm is very hard for Poppy to tattoo as it is seldom 'toughened up' by the sun!)

Celtic knot work (as above) is a timeless and beautiful form of adornment. Poppy uses the dot shading technique to give the work depth. Below is another band in a Native American style.

Below are typical examples of a tattoos showing a child's name in an Old English-style script.

Children's names are preferable for tattoos as parents rarely fall out of love with their children although they may do with their partner...

Here (below) are more standard tattoos showing children's names. Although it is a well-established formula, Poppy has hopefully given it a modern edge.

Below: Another poor quality photo but here are three tattoos showing the names of other passions

Below: Two darker tattoo images - left is Kali and right the Crowley Tattoo Pack Death Card

These are some original designs brought to Poppy by her previous clients

Tribal work (below) is popular and effective

Black ink work (above) is classic and striking. Dot shading (below) augments it. Here we see an ivy band

Below: Line art can be used to create all sorts of effects

Dragons are always popular and can look stunning if they flow with the body's muscles. Poppy has produced some modern variations on the theme (below)

Above are examples of custom tattoo designs which combine Wiccan and Druidic symbology and a 'power' creature

Above is an actual tattoo showing a 'power' creature

Below is an image of a custom tattoo showing power symbols

Below again are other custom designs for tattoos showing significant trees

Two green man (left) and two green woman designs ...

And below again is a design for a jackal tattoo

Below shows the outline stage of a celtic orientated piece of custom art and two cover-ups of an unwanted tatttoos (middel and on the right) with a celtic knot

Below: Poppy's first ever tattoo which was on someone called Spud...bless!

Some original ideas from past clients

Below: Some designs taken from 'flash' designs

Below: A crop circle tattoo being created and the finished piece

Below: The snake, symbol of transformation