This section is included so that those who are considering reading Poppy's work can see the opinions and experiences of those that have already done so. Many sincere thanks to those generous souls who have spared the time to tell Poppy how they feel about what she has created. It is highly valued.

I just wanted to thank you for writing your wonderful books. It has helped me greatly in clarifying my spiritual path, understanding my own way of experiencing the psychic and has just made me happy to be alive and able to hear the wind, feel the sun and see a tiny yellow flower in my garden this morning. Helena

I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I highlighted your Tarot deck today on my blog. I created the Moon Coaching program, and I highlight a Tarot or Oracle deck per moonth on my MoonCoach New Moon Altar. I will be using yours at one of my next New Moon Circles. Your artwork is Divine!
Here is the link to the Tarot blog:
The page where I will place your deck in the near future is here: 

I've not had a chance to update this one in awhile, but when I do and your deck is on the Altar, I'll be sure to send you the updated link.Thank you for being such a gifted Artist!!! Silvia J. Pancaro™ Supercharge Your Goals & Dreams with Nature's Power!


I will feel very blessed if I'm able to own a copy of your beautiful work. Your Web site is fantastic. Megan Gillespie, USA

I'm reading 'craft of the wild witch' and it's just taken my breath away, you write so beautifully!Nicole, UK

I hope there will be a successor book to "the Greening". I had the
book with me when I sat with my father during his last days of life
in December, and it has helped me a great deal in magickal ways -
both the story, the memory that there are people like us and a little sheet of paper the last owner of the book (I bought it used on the internet) must have had as a bookmark - it has the words on it
"remember - you are not alone, wherever you are - nothing is ever
lost, nothing's forgotten. walk in beauty. know you are loved by the Goddess." I felt your lovely books attract a lot of loving people! And finding this note (keeping it framed over my computer desk by now) has encouraged me to leave little notes like that in the used wanted to tell you this and send you the energy of blue
skies, the first warm sunshine and birdsong for this new year.

You have brought a catalyst for change into my life
with your writing. It has given me direction and
support. So, again thankyou Poppy.
Love and best wishes for your health, happiness and
artistic expression, and for a strong positive impact
on this amazing planet and it's inhabitants.

My name is Melissa, and I just had to write to you this morning. About two weeks ago a group of lovely witches introduced me to your writing, and I just wanted to tell you how much your work has meant to me. I'm also touched by your artwork, and think it's stunningly beautiful! I also read an article you wrote for Llewellyn (I can't believe I actually spelled that right the first try LOL) and it moved me deeply. So I just wanted you to know that your work is VERY appreciated. Melissa Scandariato

I just wanted to write and say Hi and thank you so much for your book, The Greening, which I have just started to read and am already thrilled and most taken by your writing. Reading your work has in fact given me so much and changed me, helped me find myself and to realise I am not alone and has just been so good in so many good ways. I have even added you to my web site front page ( becuase I want people to see your work too. In a way I would like to just scrub off the whole web site and for people just to find your wonderful teachings! I wish that I had found your work at the very beginning of starting my path. I hope that I can also help and work to bring the Greening.Hannah x

I have just purchased a copy of Walking the Wild Spirit Tarot Cards & Book which I have been after for ages! I have been active in the craft for around 8 years now and over this time I have read many books but I can honestly say your writing has blended with my own beliefs and vibrations more than any others. You have been an inspiration to me and have helped me immensely on my path – thank you from the heart! In particular your work on past life regression helped me come to terms with an event in this lifetime, and after a few times of taking myself back to a previous time and place I can now understand why this happened and I’m peaceful with it now. The elevator technique worked a treat! I have just started to read Spiritwalking and your work has continued to offer guidance for my soul and has given me the confidence to take a stand and continue on this path when others have tried to discourage me.I am not a person that normally writes gushing mails, but credit where credit is due you are doing a fantastic job and will always have my support, you have set the bar for many like me so we are all going to have a tough act to follow! Sharon Rayward

You are an Inspiration for so many people. When I get stuck or just need a pick me up I pick up one of your books that I could not live without. Your Spirit is is not one that can be contained and I love thinking about what a wonderful Being you are.
Thank you so much for keeping me Centered yet free Flying.

I justed wanted to say thank you so much. The cards are beautiful and as I hoped they would be and I really enjoyed the extra picture too. The inscription is beautifully worded and although I have only, so far, reached the end of the cunning man chapter, I have found the book to be very thought provoking and inspiring. I think it is high time I sat back and enjoyed what I have in life and stop burying my past with material goods and excuses. I will look for the peace inside from now on ;)
I just felt that maybe you should know your book has really struck a cord in my life and I am sure this is going to be a life changing moment for me and my family and I have only just began to read it. This has to be the greatest mothers day present I have ever received. I can not thank you enough.
Julie xxx

This morning it wasn't quite such a pressurised day and I felt I needed to REWARD myself a little bit, not quite sure what for.... so I started to read your book...and I couldn't put it down!!!
It's brilliant. It's so powerful. I love your use of language, it's so
evocative. Just incredible how you create the reality of emotion and experience...whew. Congratulations.
Jill Smith, UK

I've been reading more Wild Witchcraft lately and I HAD
to track you down and tell you thank you. Your words are POETRY. They convey the vibrational essence to the core, of which you are trying to get across to the listeners. I only wish more books such as yours would be published in the Craft community. You have so much to give and I cannot wait to see more of your work.
Thanks for your influence. You are a wise soul and kindred spirit.

Colin Smith Missoula, MT, USA

(Your) views on 'Green Spirituality' lifted my spirits. I will be making sure that one of first my purchases in 2005 will be one of (your) books. What a splendid example to those just starting out in this materially rich but spiritually poor world. Rosa Romani (Poppy Palin) is an inspiration to us all. David Harvey, UK

I read Craft of the Wild Witch with complete delight - it was like reading a beautiful poetic description of my own solitary green spirituality. Thank you so much for writing it. Poppy Welby, UK

Have just finished reading 'The Greening'.....didn't want it to end.....although I was so pleased it had a happy ending and everything turned out great for Lian and Treeface. I liked the way towrards the end of the book that you had both Lian and Treeface saying how they saw things and how they felt.....and I loved Treeface's storytelling especially the story of the old oak tree and wasn't Alicia a lovely character, i shall always be able to picture her cottage and was a wonderful book. Maria, Essex, UK

I’ve never written to an author before but I just wanted to say a big thank you for your fantastic book – Craft of the Wild Witch!
I’ve just finished reading it and I learnt so much about the wildcraft and myself Thank you so much for your wisdom, insightfulness and dedication. I’m planning on sharing elements of your book with my group of “soul sisters”. I think they will particularly appreciate your thoroughness when it comes to protection and grounding rituals, and the imaginative and descriptive journeys which you describe with such vividness and passion. Lisa LaMaitre Canberra, Australia

I'm writing to tell you that I totally love your work and that it gives me so much inspiration! Thank you!
I've recently come across your beautiful Tarot-deck and I'm just
beginning my journey with it. I've been reading the Tarot since I was 19 (and I'm now 36) and I must say your amazing deck is the most wonderful and inspiring I've ever come across!
Viktoria, Sweden

I have your deck and am so amazed at your art. It truly comes alive for me. I am not an artist, and for your images to reach out to me like they do, they have to truly be alive. Anyway, I am on the learning path, and I, too, have found a place
within your writings. It's all about structure. Structure isn't for me
and you have given a name to my path and a direction for me to explore. thank you for the term "WildWitch."
Suzi, USA

I would like to thank you for your wonderful books.
Basically for a while I had been searching for a book that resonated with me, all of the books on Wicca, were partially there, but were not fluid enough. I discovered your book "the Craft of a wild witch and green spirituality in a witchy shop in the new forest, whilst visiting family. From the first chapter I was hooked, it was like reading everything I had thoughts on. I didn't so much as read the book as "felt" it from cover to cover, it has acted as an inspiration to me working with nature.
I am now fortunate to live in the Beautiful and very magical North Devon and your book is acting as a wonderfully lyrical guide to develop myself further. Your books are an inspiration and I hope that your health returns so that you can continue to inspire others to follow a wild path. Thank you.
Simon De'Ath, UK

I had to write to you because there is so much going on inside me I feel like I will burst if I do not. I stumbled across your site "accidentally" and am amazed. Never have I read or heard anyone express my beliefs so beautifully. I really did feel all alone. I just wanted to say thank you for finally saying what I have always known but just could not see - I am a wild witch. No capital letters or labels - just me, a part of the stars. Joyce Wakefield, UK

I have just found your website through a link on the Druids Network and would like to say how wonderfully spiritual I found the words to your music and soul poetry. Iain S Byrne, UK

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your book Craft of the Wild Witch. I feel like there are moment when I am reading words out of my own head. Thank you.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I am writing to you to say how inspirational I have found your book ‘Craft of the Wild Witch.’ It is a breath of fresh air to me in these times of war, conflict and violence, inflicted upon us by our political leaders. It gives us hope in that we can make a difference in our world.Karen, UK

I must say how impressed I am with your work. I thought I was some kind of freak because even in the Wiccan/pagan world here in America I am alone in my beliefs. ‘Witches’ get offended when I tell them that the tools and rituals feel ridiculous when I try to use them. They are unnatural and unnecessary for magic working. I was fortunate to find your book, ‘Wild witchcraft’ at my local library. After reading only the first part I went hunting at my local bookstores until I found a copy I could buy. I am studying it slowly, savoring your poetic voice. Half the time I cry while I’m reading it! I don’t have to care anymore if everyone around me thinks I’m nuts because someone else in the world understands how I ‘see’ and I know I am not crazy! I bless you for sharing and I hope your good days greatly outnumber the bad. I’m looking forward to someday having you tattoo my skin so I can feel your further blessing upon me. As for ordering books, I would prefer to order directly from you, but I don’t know if you can cash American checks or how long it takes. Which ever is more beneficial to you is all that matters to me. Some years on my birthday I give books to my favorite people if I find one that I have to share & so I may want to get several, 4-5 copies later this year. It’s OK by me to use slow snail mail, as it will be some time before I finish the book I’m reading now. Robyn Liss, USA

I am a big fan of your artwork, i think the detail and emotion that you put into your drawings are incredible. Elizabeth, UK

Your cards are so BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING,THOUGHT PROVOKING...I could go on forever!Nancy, USA

Green Spirituality is a book that offers the reader with an interest with the environment and environmental issues the opportunity to blend that awareness with their own individual spirituality. It begins by offering ways for us to contact the spirits of the land and leads us gently through ways to interact more intimately with the natural world around us. She offers us ways to work with the energies of sun and moon, yet encouraging us to find our own personal path. There is no doctrine in this book, no formulaic recipes for herbal cures, or magical potions. Instead it manages to fuse practical possibilities for action with a growing awareness of spirit. And in fostering deeper awareness of all that we do, this book will sometimes make you feel a little uncomfortable as it reminds the reader of the things we take for granted, yet which impact on nature, the world and the creatures who inhabit it with us. The author shows a rare gift in being able to meld the poetic and practical, offering us greater understanding of all that we do, and its spiritual and environmental impact.
I highly recommend it.
Christine Cleere, UK

Your book the Craft of the Wild Witch came to me at just the right time in my life. It is exactly what i needed to see, hear and learn. I want to thank you for your poetry and the dance of your spirit that pervades these pages. Skye Morningstar Andavarroi, USA

I have long been a fan of your artwork and have owned your tarot deck since it first came out. It has been a wonderful deck to me over the years and a real inspiration.Becky, UK