The Illustrations of Poppy Palin

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Poppy is a trained illustrator, working on green-spirited themes that reflect the Oneness of all beings - human and non-human; seen and unseen.

They reveal the enchantment inherent in everyday life and celebrate the extraordinary beauty of 'ordinary' people, paying loving attention to those not usually depicted in art or the media. Her art is warmly inclusive, embracing all our relations.

Above: Elemental Spirit

Below: Owl Woman Wisdom

Above: Thy Garland Green. 'Thy Garland Green' is a phrase borrowed from an Emily Bronte poem - here it suggests the interconnectedness of living things and our responsibility to the wild.

This illustration was inspired, if inspired is the correct word, by the terrible devastation wreaked on the flourishing English hedgerows every autumn and winter by brutal cutting machines. These machines slash and hack at the bushes, leaving only broken brittle branches behind, branches that are then far more susceptible to disease.

Above: This is one of the less brutalized hedges, often used as a repository for litter by passers by. When so little respect is blatantly shown to a living creation then the precedent of abuse is more readily established.

These denuded bitter boughs have no fruits and seeds to see the wild birds though the cold months. Nor do they provide adequate cover for them to take shelter in. 'It is not only the birds that suffer from the hacking of the hedges, such brutality affects many other species who depend on the hedgerows for shelter and sustenance. And to the earth, denied the seeds for renewal and husks and leaves for compost.

Those who have the privilege of being the custodians of the land often seem the least caring. It is for us to keep our own garland green - to live in tender awareness and act locally for the sake of the web of life and all our relations.


Above: Forgiveness. Seeking absolution for our trespasses against all our relations.

The above image is dedicated to the hunt saboteurs who tirelessly dedicate themselves to saving our creature-kin

Please support these compassionate, selfless individuals - because non-human lives matter

For All Our Relations

Above: Make Every Day Mother's Day

Above: One Wild Night - the original design for 'The Hermit' from the Everyday Enchantment Tarot

Below are a selection of images that were to be in the Everyday Enchantment Tarot but were changed

This first image is The Star original version - like the final design this one shows a rescue from a disaster scene. However. this one didn't have the serenity, simplicity or clarity the card needs.

This is the original idea for Two of Wands - the two knitting needles are the wands. This design wasn't dynamic enough for a Wands card.

This image is the original Empress - although attractive she isn't warm and welcoming enough

The first idea for Ace of Wands was quirky but not creative enough

The first version of the Queen of Blades - the blade wasn't obvious enough

The original image for Queen of Coins - the Queen wasn't strong enough

The first version of Justice - the central figure was nice but wasn't what was needed to represent justice

The original Queen of Wands - not lively and expressive enough

The first version of Page of Wands - good idea but not quite right!

Below: Lian, from Poppy's book 'The Greening' - thanks to Peter Sorenson for the scan

Here are some spice illustrations for Bitten food magazine

(sadly not remotely a vegan magazine)

Below are the images from

Wild Spirituality

Journey to the Green Heart of Being

An Inspirational Guide

Published by Green Magic

Poppy has endeavored to let the illustrations in this book reflect its all-embracing ethos. The images aim to be as inclusive as possible, reflecting a diversity of species with beings both seen and unseen, revealing humanity as part of wild life. The people depicted may challenge conventional stereotypes of what makes an attractive image, yet shine with their own inherent beauty. These artworks are part of a movement towards wholeness and a gentle rejection of the superficial differences we’ve allowed to divide us for so long. It’s hoped that you will enjoy them as a compliment to the unifying, wild-spirited words.

Here are the images in colour

The above illustrations are in the style of


Finding the Magic in the Midst of Life

And celebrating the extraordinary in what we suppose to be ordinary!

Above:The energetic Eight of Wands - the fence posts and the Sold sign post sign make up the eight wands

Please see Tarot for more information.

'I see this deck as being like a bridge between the mundane and the magical; reminding us that we don't have to wear long flowing gowns and sit looking longingly into a medieval fountain to be able to accept or bring magic into our lives.'

Rebecca Stevens

This deck is now the property of Schiffer, as well as Poppy.


Above: There are also illustration/designs on the tattoo pages this being a potential tattoo expressing seasons/elements and interconnectedness. Poppy offers a 'tattoo design for charity service' when she can.

Above: The Garden's Song

Below: Owl Woman - Wisdom

Some old images resurrected

Above: The Gypsy Teller - an original image rejected from the Wild Spirit Tarot

Below: Fae Spirit

Above: Faerytide

Above and Below: Images for Mind, Body, Spirit magazine

Below: A wheel of the year design for Mind, body, Spirit magazine

Above: Hecate - an original piece for Anita Martin

Above: A Page of Swords design

Above: The cover of Green Spirituality by Rosa Romani (Poppy)

Above: Alicia from The Greening and below, Lian and Treeface

Above: The Cover of Wildwitch

Above: Monk from Poppy's first book Season of Sorcery and below a csastle from the same book - mops of Poppy's work is illustrated

Above: This design was selected as a winner by Pagan Dawn magazine

Above: The Dreamcatcher

Above: Belenus - original art for Anita Martin

Above: Poppy's cover for Spellcasting book by Rae Beth and below, the internal images

These original images were auctioned by Dorset Wildlife Rescue in 2011 to raise funds for their work.

The images below need resizing

And following are the internal ink illustrations, some which Poppy has coloured in specially for this website

Above: An image created for the pagan soul-poet Penelope Dalgliesh. Sadly Penny died before she could use this image.

Above and below, versions of the same poem

Miscellaneous Magical Images for Mind, Body Spirit Magazine


Don't forget the Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot. The images will be available as cards or prints sometime in the future and the deck will hopefully be released again.

Above: The Wandering Minstrel, Soul Mates and Cunning Man from the

Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot

The images that follow need updating and resizing. please bear with this process!

Above Left: Cover of the first ever Pentacle magazine, UK and

Above Right: Poppy's first cover for Pagan Dawn magazine, UK

Below: A cover of the sadly defunct Wood and Water

Above: Poppy's cover for Rhiannon Ryall's book

Below: An Illustration for Poppy's children's story MELVINS NEW FLOOB