Wild Icons

A wild icon to focus on for swift change - moving through deep levels of awareness and through the illusions of this perceived reality to consciously co-create a new future. The beings that work with us reach out in support as we call to them for the best outcome.

Please utilise the energy that has been imbued into the image for your own journey...and the Good of the All.

What follows are icons that were were exhibited along with that of wonderful landscape/Goddess artist, writer and performer Jill Smith

Jill's work, from The Standstill Journey. To see Jill's work go to


The images, shown below, marked a change in direction for Poppy's work to a more fluid, enjoyable, spontaneous and less 'staged' way of creating meaningful green-spirited imagery.

Here is the ethos behind them

~ Wild Icons ~
This set of nine images celebrates our unfailing connection, as spirits incarnate in human form, to all creation. Each untamed ‘icon’ captures, for a glorious moment, the true holistic nature of being and the seamless dance of the dream of life.

These images are spontaneous responses to the poetry and mystery of existence from the perspective of the artist both as a woman and a green-spirited representative of the ceaselessly generous, overwhelmingly powerful, Earth Mother. Each image strives to express something of the perfection witnessed in her symmetry and the endless grace of nature…be that in the shape of a limb, taut and sprung on an unseen riddle of muscle and sinew, or in the lilting melody of a leaf’s fall.

Over and over I have aimed to replicate the lyricism and astonishing eloquence of the curves and spirals of the Earth’s bounty whilst knowing such transient perfection can never quite be held down. Such is the ceaseless ebb and flow of energy that animates all creation! Yet still I have striven to show the subtle, devastating interplay of hue and shade, space and form, and I willed a little of the dynamism inherent in this wonderful, wayward world to give these images life beyond that which is two dimensional. I knew I could never match the effortless glory of the Creator whilst knowing I too had to create. To witness and to celebrate in line and tone.

It is my hope that the joy and yearning, the tender and the terrible aspects of being, be found somewhere in the interchange of colour and contour here. These are, if nothing else, living icons of the divine wild, filled with honour.


'Wild Dancer' inspired by Sagewoman magazine logo

She Sleeps with Seeds She Dances with All Things She Blooms with the Roses Emotional Landscapes

She Bursts Forth Warm Womb of the Sea She Holds the Mountain and Moves the River Lover of Life, Dancer of the Dream

Inspired by the Sagewoman Dancing Goddess Logo

"SageWoman Dancing Goddess logo image copyright
1998, SageWoman magazine, used with permission. www.sagewoman.com."