Where unwanted items get recycled and recreated into beautiful things to wear and use, the proceeds going towards animal welfare

Poppy loves re-vamping old garments and creating quirky, pretty things for people to enjoy. On this page you will find a growing selection that have been made over the last fifteen years. Some items are available for sale or pieces can be made to order using the vintage beads, charms and fabrics Poppy has collected over the years. Poppy just covers materials and postage, the rest goes direct to an animal charity. In the case of the Romany Rosa jewellery the materials are more costly as the beautiful vintage beads/cabochons/findings used were made in Japan in the 1950s and are sourced from the USA, making them more expensive. To find ourt more contact


But please be patient when awaiting a response!

Payment can be paid through PayPal and will be donated to an animal welfare charity of your choice.

Kate Mc Gillivray chose to donate to her local wildlife hospital in payment for this necklace.

Above: Kate's necklace is part of the Romany Rosa collection, see below.



And may your own green heart grow ever wilder with each compassionate act

Above: Painted wooden hearts with vintage floral decal/transfers and recycled ribbon and below, a heart in it;'s new home

Above: Suffolk Puff Brooches made from preloved and recycled fabrics

Below: Cushion covers with recycled yarn and vintage buttons


Recycled Floral Necklaces and Earrings

One Off Designs to Celebrate the Untamed in Our Fields and Hedgerows

Romany Rosa Collection

Inspired by Wild Nature

This collection one-off original pieces is inspired by the wild beauty of English hedgerows and lovingly created in rural England.

Only vintage findings, beads, charms and cabochons are used in these pieces. most date from 1950s Japan and are made of lucite, hand painted and so quirkily unique.

Such gorgeous colours in these reclaimed jewels and faded flowers from the past

These items are not made with the mass produced resin imitation cabochons that can be bought cheaply now but with authentic vintage beads, hand painted charms and findings sourced second hand from the USA. Many originate in 1950s occupied Japan.

All pieces are in keeping with Poppy's ethos of recycling and recreating.

These pieces illustrate what can be made although all pieces are one-off depending on availability of the charms and beads

Beware cheap mass produced copies of the beautiful charms used here. They are made of hard resin and lack subtlety. Also they're not ethically made. Please buy reclaimed items!

More recycled and recreated jewellery from the

Romany Rosa Collection

Different seasonal moods are reflected in these necklaces

Colours or themes can be chosen such as


Above: A one-off piece made as a gift using vintage findings, charms and beads. It was made for Poppy's friend, the amazing artist, writer and performer Jill Smith. See Jill's work here:


The beads and findings can be added to recycled buttons to embellish your favourute item of clothing or a hand-made item

Above: Necklaces previously on display at Wiltshire Museum a museum with the best bronze age collection in Britain and gold from the time of Stonehenge


What do you give a girl who seems to have everything?

Something she can't get anywhere else!

Two funky bags using recycled/preloved yarn, mterial and buttons

Handknuitted flower from recycled yarn and necklace made with vintage beads and charms

A very ethical bag!

Making this cruelty free and recycled bag for a 'little girl who has everything' was a risk as it was such a challenge to the plastic, brand-named, mass-produced things she routinely receives as gifts. Yet it turned out this was one of her favourite things! Perhaps she could sense the love in it. Or perhaps she is already tired of the glittery, shiny soulless things she is constantly presented with and wanted something unique, quirky and homely..something that isn't 'perfect'.

At least it served as an introduction to a different way of doing things and may inspire her to become crafty herself!

Above: A recycled doll provides an opportunity to embellish and spread the love! She became a flower faery to be hung on a tree for a passing little girl to find and reclaim her three wishes...



Above and below: Textured squares created by knitting with recycled and manmade yarns, often up to six strands twisted together to make a new skein. This creates a bumpy natural effect remincicent of pebbles or moss. These squares can then be mixed and matched, joined togther to make a throw or cushion. Poppy unravels unwanted scarves and jumpers to get some of these strands while other yarn is sourced second hand.

Please note:

These items do not support the 'wool industry' and therefore are not funding the farming of sheep as 'products' or 'livestock' as the materials have all been reclaimed and the resulting items re-created, not bought from new. The whole idea is to be green (re-using wherever possible) and crafty (using creative energy) with a heart (acknowledging our connection to all beings as equal kin).

Cushion Covers

The cover below uses a variety of recycled yarns twined toegther to give a natural effect reminicent of moss or lichen. This nubbly textured combination is combined with chunky vintage wooden buttons.

Funky bright and natural muted designs

Above and below: Knitted cushion covers fashioned from reclaimed yarns and buttons

Below: Close up of the recycled blended yarn and buttons used.

These cushions are made with the HARTMOOR label, which has a double meaning. One is to love the wild moors and the deer that live there, and the other is to just LOVE MORE!

Poppy advocates recycling/upcycling which means we stop seeing our fellow earthlings as RESOURCES and become RESOURCE-FULL ourselves. Enough new stuff - let's stop CONSUMING and start TRANSFORMING what already exists!

Above: One of the cushions (made as a first anniversary gift, 'in situ' in the couple's camper van. Thanks to Germaine Hypher for the photo


Above: Front, opened and back

This item was made for a disabled friend, with love.

It is designed to be a purse that will always 'have the funk' and groove on her behalf !



These bright, bold 'statement pieces' are all made from recycled woollen materials, such as old jumpers and scarves, that have been washing machine felted. Some layers are made from received/found/bought second-hand wool that has been unravelled, knitted up and felted in hot water. The buttons are also vintage/reused while the beaded bobbles are hand-made.

All the corsage/ brooch items shown are attach to clothing through a bar brooch finding on the back of the flower. They would also sit nicely on a curtain or cushion if you wouldn't like to wear something so extravagant yourself!


Below: A handcrafted felty tweedy bag in its formative stage...

And below in its finished state front and back

Below: Front and back of another green-hearted tweedy felted beaded button heart bag!

Above: The fastening on this bag is a rose made of a beautiful shimmering second hand fabric that is like chiffon only nicer!

SOLD in aid of Palestinian Causes

Below: A jumper becomes a bag! On the left is the front and right is the reverse side.

Below: Another felted jumper bag with embellishments...this bag was being offered for auction at the JUNE 2011 Wessex Gathering in theUK with any raised funds going to Dorset Wildlife Trust. Please see

wessex gathering

Below: This knitted and lined bag is also being offered for auction at the JUNE 2011 Wessex Gathering in the UK with any raised funds going to Dorset Wildlife Trust. Please see the above link for more details. Thank you!

Below: Bags made from vintage fabric and ribbons

Above: This lovely little tapestry baglet was GIVEN AWAY and is not longer available

The one below was made of vintage french fabric and SOLD for animal welfare charities

Below: A unique bag made from a tweed skirt with vintage ribbons and buttons, fully lined

Below: Details from the above bag showing the ribbon and button detail and tweed fabric

Below: A heart shaped bag made from various reclaimed fabrics, buttons and ribbon with a thick padded lining, suitable for carrying craft materials as its nice and strong

Sorry, this bag was SOLD in aid of Palestinian Causes

Below: An embellished second hand bag

Above: Front and back views showing velvet trimmings and felted hearts

Sorry, this bag was GIVEN AWAY

Below: Madbags...Funky felting freestyle, just for fun.


Poppy also takes excellent second-hand items and embellishes them with buttons, embroidery etc. These are one-off pieces of high quality.

Above: Denim Jacket One

Below: Denim Jacket 2

Below: Denim Jacket2 back

Above: Old corduroy jacket with a tweedy blanket-stitched twist! SOLD for Palestinioan causes

Below: A second-hand Boden button blazer in cherry red velvet with plenty of vintage emellishments. SOLD for Palestinian causes

You can wear your heart -or your art - on your sleeve...or anywhere that takes your fancy!

Below: These faux suede boots were made for embellishing!



Playing with texture, shades and eloquent shapes is the perfect exercise of our creative potential and such excellent fun!

Below: Details of a felted scarf and some colour swatch sketches.

***To be updated***

*** With Love ***