It's a page that we'd surely all prefer not to exist but because we care it has to!


Whatever you call the mess in our skies look up; speak out!

Because the blue skies we grew up with and love are becoming a thing of the past and humanity isn't the only species to suffer. This is criminal damage on a huge scale and reveals a complete lack of empathy - or even the most basic understanding - about the co-dependence of all lifeforms in a sentient world.

Regardless of how you may feel about this issue, or what your current viewpoint is, the fact is that geoengineering, stratospheric aerosol spraying and weather modification programmes do exist. Please research this for yourselves. Weather Modification Incorporated have been operating for fifty years according to their website. Project Cumulus - a cloud seeding exercise known internally as 'Operation Witch Doctor' - is known to have caused the devastating 1952 flood in Lynmouth in North Devon. Deadly spraying of an unwitting population, including the use of zinc cadmium sulphide and bacteria, has been admitted by the British government. Harvard have recently announced the global solar radiation management programme (spraying to block the sun) in 2017. This is not 'chemtrail conspiracy theory' as certain Internet sites would have us believe if we don't dig deeper and do our own independent research. The truth about our manipulated, messed up skies can be found hidden in plane sight if we start observing - the proof can be found most days, in our own location, with our own eyes. We may not know WHY this is happening, or who is ultimately responsible for it, but can at least start noticing what is above us and find out how it may be affecting us all.

None of us want to waste our time cataloging this unnecessary and deeply repellent 'phenomena' - or reading up about it - but we have to keep others informed and stay informed ourselves. This really does matter! These pages aim to offer a comprehensive view of how our skies are continually subject to an assault and how the different effects show themselves. Hopefully the viewer may feel inspired to keep their own record and share it widely too. Most images are date/time stamped to show the scale of these operations and how long they have been going on for. A 'heavy spray' can occur no matter what time of day or year. It is NOT a natural occurrence dependant on atmospheric conditions and the trails fill the sky in cold or hot weather, from dawn to dusk, at different altitudes and in a variety of regions. These images are all from the same source and completely verifiable. The only alteration of the photos is to adjust the contrast or brightness to make the image more defined, there is no other manipulation - what you see is what was in the sky on the day. The aim isn't to convince or convert but to encourage others to look up and see for themselves.

PLEASE scroll down to look at the comprehensive photographic record of sky-watching on these pages. The building body of evidence should be taken into consideration, not just one image, as taken in isolation and out of context one picture means little. These images show the same patterns and effects over and over, year upon year. What is going on up there? This page has no conclusions but seeks to present the evidence as seen in the UK. We need to understand what this is, and soon, because whatever it is it's not beneficial to any life form. Please do your own research and START LOOKING UP. Pass it on for the sake of all our relations...and for the Earth. Thank you.

Blocking the sun with metallic/chemical particulates - solar radiation management or geoengineering in action? This is not a blurred image as you can see from the pole on the right. The sky itself has been blurred by the spreading haze.

A Selection of Artificially Created, Adulterated Skies from 2016-17

In the past people could identify a 'heavy spraying day' by the crisscrossing white lines of plane emission that gradually spread out across the sky rather than dispersing as we are told contrails do. Here are some examples of this obvious 'classic' spraying.

The lines fatten and spread, becoming 'bobbly'. Sometimes they are sprayed as an X other times in an A formation.

Sometimes there is a grid created that spreads out and forms a gauze 'mat' that drifts across the sun

Fat lines and thin, spreading to form a 'mat' across the sky

There are often lines concentrated in one area, crossing at some point

The lines blur and drift to lose definition and seem as if they are clouds when in fact they aren't

Sometimes the lines are broken as if the emission is turned on and off deliberately

X marks the spot? For what?

Sometimes the spraying/emissions emerge as lines but quickly become puffy, swirly or wispy

Feathery trails that flick up and drift out rapidly - 'plumes' of emission

Sometimes the spray seems bobbly and breaks apart into smaller puffs

It is important to follow the line as it emerges from the plane to see what happens as it spreads/changes/drifts. Otherwise these can be mistaken for normal clouds when in fact they have more unnatural origins. The telltale sign is a very long 'cloud' retaining some of its original linear form with reasonably straight edges. The mat or gauze of sprayed emission usually shows a remainder of the original lines within it, often almost parallel or crossing.

These 'clouds' of spray drifting and spreading were all observed from the moment they emerged from planes as lines or plumes. Even if these were harmless 'persistent spreading contrails', is it right that they should end up blanketing the sky and obliterating the sun?

One of the telltale signs of heavy particulate stratospheric aerosol spraying is an unnatural rainbow or spectrum effect.

Note again the fine gauzy layers of spray and the rainbow circle formed in the haze. This isn't a natural phenomenon caused by ice crystals, it is the result of emissions from planes - lines that billow out and don't disperse but spread out and form a silvery haze over the sun. This can be repeatedly observed and is done on these pages. Please scroll down to find many, many examples over the years.

The spooky, silvery 'alien' sky and the 'circular rainbow' - sometimes referred to as a 'chembow' - are frequent results of heavy emissions/spraying/trailing. Check the date stamps - these occur on many different days, at different times .Sometimes the whole circle is visible, other times only part of the curve can be seen in the gauzy coverage of spray

The image above looks so murky and eerie when its only three o'clock on a Spring afternoon. All due to heavy amounts of spraying.

Sometimes there are patches of spectrum or rainbow in the hazed sprayed sky

In the above image we see the drifting gauze of sprayed emission along with some puffy spreading lines

What a horrible unnatural mess these skies are!

Although the contrast has been adjusted on these images to enhance the definition, the rainbow colours in the spray are exactly what was photographed and observed.

This effect has been catalogued on these pages over many years...please have a look at the many, many examples that follow below.

Sometimes the rainbow just appears in a line or fluffy puff of spray.

How can this be natural? This plumed puff of spray wasn't even near the sun.

These aren't clouds - they were observed as a feathery plume coming from a plane and photographed as they gradually spread out, like smoke.

Often the spray/emission becomes rippled as if affected by a force or frequency. The image on the right is just peculiar - it isn't blurred yet the spray looks as if it has been rubbed when compared to the clean lines of the two planes running parallel.

The eerie silvered 'alien' sky after very heavy spraying as the sun struggles through a blanket of artificial haze. Is this what we want for our world and all our creature-kin? PLEASE start observing and recording for yourself and make others aware. Thank you, for all our relations.

October/November 2015

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks. They show the usual array of adulterated skies although its harder to spot the signs when the day is (apparently) overcast at this time of year.

23rd October and here we see how the lines of spray emission are being carried across the sky to form a fine gauze. Pity the birds flying through it...whatever it is. The blue sky will soon turn hazy as the spray spreads.

Ooh, blue sky...quick, let's haze it over!

25th October and the sky is becoming strange looking with either strato or alto cumulus effects in the spray

These pages have been recording this effect happening on a 'heavy spray day' for several years so please scroll down through the entries to see many other examples.Of course, it could be coincidence but there's definitely a pattern in the spray/emission turning into puffs/bobbles and ridges of parallel lines.

These parallel lines (alto cumulus style) are a common feature in 'sprayed' skies. This could be a natural occurrence (and again just a coincidence) but there are many photos (especially on these pages) that show they frequently appear in an adulterated sky. Dane Wigington of Geo Engineering Watch suggests this ribbing or uniform rippling is a direct result of radio frequency transmissions affecting the metallic particulates that have been sprayed causing an alignment effect like a magnet under metal filings. The radio frequencies may come from the many HAARP facilities located around the world or perhaps from more usual masts? Dane says this is a 'signature' by which we can tell a heavily adulterated sky full of particulates.

You can see that this effect also appeared here on 20th October

Here are a few examples that other people have taken. Of course they could be natural. It is only when the photographer observes the spreading layers of spray/emission where 'rippling' occurs that it fits this pattern

Let's return to 25th of October. The tell tale spectrum/rainbow patch is here.

These patches almost always appear after a heavy period of whatever it is they're doing up there. The bizarre silvery sky provides the right conditions for this to occur when the sun shines through the haze. Is it due to metal particulates in the layers of emission? There are so many examples of these 'rainbows' on these pages - have a look. This silvery yellowy sky is so eerie in the middle of the day. Whatever it is, it's not good.

Below, layers and lines through the spreading emissions

The next day - a typical 'A' shape that is already starting to drift and spread.

The 'toothed' lines that bobble or drop as they spread. Why would supposed water vapour linger long enough to do this?

30th October, the eerie silvery sky with drifting layers of sprayed emission.

Until you see this for yourself you can't appreciate how disturbing it looks.

The sun is blotted once again with a strange silvery haze

Lines are still appearing but most have spread out to form the customary gauze effect

As the sun went down the sky became a vivid yellow along with the silver - a toxic looking sky

The mast and the adulterated sky - signs of the times we are taking for granted.

If you look directly above the mast you will see a faint rainbow spectrum patch.

Finally the sky turned an unpleasant streaked orange.

It's not the natural beauty of nature we are seeing here but a weird chemical effect, the result of a whole afternoon of emissions being sprayed or ejected into the sky. Why is this happening?

September/ October 2015

'All you have to do is look up' Dane Wigington of

Surely we're sick of this - certainly it's utterly sickening having to keep reporting it. But here we go again. What we see here follows the same process that's been reported here for years now.

The evidence of this is catalogued below over many months

Firstly let's remind ourselves of a normal sky with ordinary natural clouds and a plane with a small non-persistent contrail in a clear sky

3rd October

29th September

28th September

Below - the spraying continued well into the night and here, amazingly, is a rainbow patch at night...

22nd September

20th September

19th September - highlighted circle shows spectrum patch

17th September

The images below were taken in September but the date stamp didn't work...

9th September

5th September

4th September - rainbow spectrum highlighted

August 2015

Same old adulterated skies.Why aren't we more angry about it? Perhaps because we don't even notice it. Here's what to look for.

Blue skies that fill with lines of whatever it is these planes are putting out - be that 'persistent spreading contrails', ' chemtrails' or 'geo-engineering substances'. Let's call them 'emissions' as we don't know what's in them or what they are doing. We only know what we see and what the result is and that this can't be a good thing, for us or any other being. So, these lines, crosses and grids of 'emission' don't fade like vapour but spread and spread, forming a milky gauze across the sky with layers of silky skeins blocking out the blue and eventually making the sky silvery. This drift of gauze is not cloud but artificially created by planes.

The final result is an eerie metallic looking hazy sky with a 'rainbow patch' or 'circular rainbow' spectrum effect in it.

The lines that spread and a spectral spectrum 'smile' in the hazy sky - a very familiar sight now.

Same day with lines that spread, making a haze and a rainbow 'patch'

The 'rainbow patch' is centre left and shown quite small in the image below.

Next day they're at it goes on all day and the result is the inevitable 'circular rainbow' and 'rainbow patch' of spectrum.

Two days later...

How can this possibly be acceptable? What is it and how is effecting all life?

This isn't a 'one off'. Please scroll down to see a record of this 'phenomena' over the last few years.

2015 - More 'chembow' rainbows, this time from North West UK

These only happen on days when there has been a lot of 'activity' from planes doing whatever it is they are doing up there. It happens as frequently in the North West as it does in the South West of the UK, as can be observed from the date stamps. Time of day doesn't matter, the spreading plane con/chem trails are seen at any time and build up to these circular 'rainbows'. The milky/silked out sky and veils of spreading trails are visible in all these images. Could it be metallic (possibly aluminum) particles contained in the trails? Whatever it is it is unlikely to be beneficial to the Earth and all her creatures - including us.

Above: The strange silvery hazed sky and 'rainbows' that result from spraying/emissions

Below: This is how it begins, layer upon layer of crisscrossing spreading trails.

Above: A close up of spectrum and silky-hazed sky

What IS going on up there? More of the same unfortunately.

June, North West UK. Crisscrossing lines of spray or emission spread into fat billowing strips, then make a silvery/milky haze across the sky. They keep coming and spread all day...see date and time stamps.

The ones above right aren't clouds, they are the lines spreading out

Above right is the ubiquitous patch of rainbow/spectrum that will appear on a 'heavy spray day' It isn't seen here in clouds but rather in layers of spray/emission that have spread out giving the sky a silvery look. Sometimes we see the full circular 'rainbow' (see the previous posting above this one and all through these pages).

After 9pm and there are still new lines spreading across the sky. Whatever this is, is it right?

And the series of images below show another day with more of the same...criss crossing layers of lines, spreading out, turning the sky into a silvery gauze...

In the images above the familiar patch of spectrum and circular 'rainbow' are seen through the haze, the two images below are close ups of the layered 'sprayed' sky and a patch of rainbow spectrum

This final image directly below is the sun going down through the silvery sprayed clouds. An eerie sight. This image has not been changed - these were the actual colours. The images on these pages are only ever enhanced with contrast so the lines are more visible on screen, no colours are changed and the images are not manipulated in any way. The skies in the images are as seen...unfortunately.

Anybody new to this will just think 'so what? It's just some contrails.' Please look at the pages for geoengineering/persistentspreading contrails/chemtrails on this site for why this isn't 'just contrails' and see the films of Michael Murphy and Dane Wigginton 'What in the World are They Spraying' and 'Why in the World are They Spraying', both available freely online. Here is a trailer for the newest of these films...

Chemtrail/Geoengineering film, "An UNconventional Shade of Grey" Official Trailer

Below: Normalising the abnormal - persistent con/chemtrailing/spraying in art

Summer - Winter 2014 South West UK

There was a hiatus over the summer as Poppy was unable to keep up with the site. Unfortunately that doesn't mean there's been no spraying/emissions. Here are a selection of images from the last few months. Some of the ubiquitous 'chembow' rainbow/spectrum patches are marked with arrows, others are harder to spot (but are there if you look).


The first four images are taken in the same minute in different areas of the sky

Then the patterns increase

See how the blue sky has a fine silky gauze layer spreading

It is easy to observe in the image below how the trail is being spread by the wind

MAY 2014

New from David Lim

Images for May are shown with most recent first.

The 'chembow'(circular spectrum/rainbow) images on these pages were observed only after a time of heavy 'sky activity' and appeared as a result of the continual layering of spray/emission from planes. These are not natural and as the time/date stamps on recent photographs show, they are happening increasingly frequently.

19th May

Five hours from sprayed/emitted lines to 'white out' and chembow/circular rainbow. This isn't the natural halo through altostratus clouds but appears after a period of 'sky activity' where lines of spray/plane emission fatten and spread to 'white out' the sky with a milky gauze formed of 'whatever it is'. There is usually an eerie silvery quality to the light.

This progression from lines of spreading spray/emission to milky/silvery sky with spectrum is increasingly common.

Please see the many other examples on these pages.

Above: Not sure if the patch on the right has rainbow in it but was in heavily adulterated sky

Below: 18th May - Started late as it often does on Sundays, not as heavy as usual

Below: 14th May - Another One of Those Days. Beginning slowly and building up.

By 9.30 am its looking quite milky up there with gauzy layers of spray/emission fattening/spreading out and drifting

Below: Inevitably the ubiquitous 'chembow'/spectrum/circular rainbow appears soon after

Above: These white layers aren't natural clouds, they are the result of lines being emitted/sprayed into the sky and then spreading out over time to form a gauze. The 'chembow' rainbow then appears when the sun shines through the gauzey layer.

Above: The layers keep being emitted/sprayed and so the circular rainbow remains, seen here in the silvery 'silked out' sky that is the result of hours of...whatever the planes are putting out.


Below: 9th May - the spraying/emissions began late with layering lines...but caught up quickly

Above: By evening we have a silvery sky and the ubiquitous chembow/circular rainbow in billows of milky spray. How on earth could this be natural - or, indeed, right?

Below: The familiar chembow/rainbow/circular sprectrum

Above: The circular spectrum appears yet again and remains until the evening - note the fresh plane trail also going through the silvery 'fog'

Below: The morning of the 4th May

Above: By early afteroon the sky is already 'milked out' with the now ubiquitous circular spectrum/chembow/rainbow visible in the spray/layers of emission

Below: A sequence from morning to early evening on 3rd May showing the progression as the sky gets obliterated

Above: See how the cross formation spreads as the minutes go by. Soon the casual observer will think its a cloud and not the fattened line of spray/emission it actually is

Above: The bobbling or 'dropping out' effect as a line of emission/spray spreads out

Above: A cross is dragged by the wind and spread

Below: The grid pattern

Below: By late afternoon its bye bye what remains of the blue sky

Above: More crosses and lines fattening and spreading out to 'white out' the evening sky

Below: 1st May - not a good start to the month.

Above: The ubiquitous circular spectrum/chembow/rainbow appears a day after the last one.

APRIL 2014

Unfortunately Another Very Busy Month Up There

Whatever is going on does the photographic evidence presented here seem acceptable to you?

We begin with the most recent entries for April with the date/time appearing on each image. These photos are only enhanced with a slight adjusting of contrast and brightness to give more definition to the image on the web. No other effects are used - all are completely genuine. They were taken in the South West and North West of the UK.

Directly below is the last day of the month. These images aren't the best due to unsuccessfully experimenting with the zoom on the camera.

30th April

Above: Another layering of lines - see how the three lines expand over nearly twenty minutes. The sky was so think by lunchtime it was inevitable the circular spectrum/rainbow would appear in the billows of spray...or whatever it is.

Above: On the left we see the 'bobbling' drop out effect in a line of spray/emmision as it spreads out

Below: The silvery 'silked out' sky and that vivid circle of rainbow. Or 'chembow'. Whatever it may be it's becoming an increasingly common sight in the sky.

Below: the lines keep coming - and spreading - all afternoon. On the left are new lines, on the right are those lines expanded 20 miuntes later...pity the buzzard flying up there.

Above: On the left four new lines drift over the 'gauze' of old expanded lines. The 'chembow' circle still can be seen around the sun. On the right more lines drift across the milky sky.

24th April

Above: An incredibly vivid 'chembow' (unnatural man made rainbow as a result of whatever is being sprayed) in the 'geoengineered' sky. Note the 'silked out' silvery haze behind it which is somehow causing this effect to happen. This is not Photoshop fakery or a trick of the light on the lens - nor is it a natural phenomena - it is a real (and sadly common) occurance in our adulterated (sprayed) skies these days. Please see all the other examples on this page, including several others in April...none as bright as this though.

Below: By late afternoon it was still in evidence, if less outstanding

Below: Another day, another spray...starting early and keeping on all day. Note the milky background sky - a result of continual lines spreading out to form a veil of 'gauze'

Below: A plane caught in the act...but doing what? And why?

Below: Different views, looking around the same area in early afternoon

Above: One phase of spraying ends, and another begins immediately over the 'gauze'

Below: Early evening and they're still at it - what a mess

Below: Another heavy spray sday, starting early. Note the layering of spray - a hazy area gets overlaid with new lines as the day goes on. Even areas that appear clear blue have a 'gauze' covering of milky spray that gets thicker as the continual lines prgress.

Below: This 'bobbling' line of spray gets disperesed and begins to spread immediately

Above: More lines laid down over both clear patches and haze

Below: The spreading out of an upside down 'A' shaped area of spray can be observed

Below: They keep on matter what this is all about can it be right?

Below: This image has contrast turned up to show the grid of spray that forms the milky haze

Below: It was inevitable with a day of such continual spraying that there'd be a 'chembow'

Below: There's a totally 'silked out' silvered sky yet the spray just keeps coming...

Below: The unnatural 'chembow' ring has points of rainbow/ a spectrum on its circumference

Below: These aren't clouds. They aren't natural. And it's unlikely they are benign.

Below: Following the metamophosis of a line of spray into what appears to be a linear cloud over the course of a few minutes. Conditions were perfect for quickly creating vast billows from a single line. Note the 'dropping out' bobble effect as the spray spreads

Above: Unless the progression of a sprayed line was charted in sequence how would you know the final image wasn't just an innocent natural cloud?

Below: Still early but the spray is already so well established...and it goes on all day

Above and Below: Heavy spraying and the inevitable 'chembow' (unnatural rainbow) again

Below: Luminous pink and green spray clouds and ripple effects in spray - see other examples on these pages of these increasingly common 'man made phenomena'

Above: Spray seems to form into either parallel ripples or break up into puffs and fragments.

Below: This image has the contrast tuned right up so that the ripple effect is clearly visible. Shown like this it's clearer how bizarre it is that spray should take this shape so frequently

Watch this short clip to remind you that yes, they WOULD do that to you

Please scroll down to see the March updates.

Here's the record for March 2014 - a bad spray month. No doubt there'll be much more to catalogue as the weeks go on.

The month got off to a heavily sprayed start in South West England. The first images were taken around Marlborough and Barbury Castle, Wiltshire.

Above left the image (taken at 16.48) has a mother-of-pearl pink and green cloud in the centre. Below it's been magnified but not altered - it was very vibrant.

In the centre of the image left (taken at 17.14) there is a rainbow cloud, magnified below.

Patches of rainbow - or 'chembows' as they're also known - appear in heavily sprayed sky. This could be the fine metal particulates contained in the spray refracting sunlight. Others consider it to be a product of HAARP electomagnetic energy being directed.

Below: Interesting sky but this could be a natural effect - possibly stratoculmulus?

It is reminicent of this effect, probably altoculmulus, taken in the previous month

This ripple effect could be a scalar wave pattern - the HAARP 'signature' according to researchers like David Lim and Dutchsinse. The waves are the result of the HAARP array of antennae super-heating or 'exciting' the upper atmosphere/ionosphere.

There is the better known large HAARP facility in Alaska but others around the world, including small variation near Aberwrystwyth in Wales Norway, Russia, Australia, India, Ukraine and various floating platforms, like the SBX array below which are undoubtedly the dubious future of this technology.

The SBX radar is the most sophisticated phased array, electro-mechanically steered

X-band radar in the world – according to Boeing claims

Below: A bad spray day in the beautiful Georgian City Of Bath

Below - The Next Day in Wiltshire. Another 'White Out'

Below- A Precious Natural Blue Sky Day

There are two planes in this image leaving ordinary contrails. Maybe the sprayers got this Sunday off for spraying madly all week.

But they were back on the case the next week...

So it begins...and as the afternoon goes on the sky is 'silked out' with veils of spray

Above: In these last two images see how the two diagonal trails spread out over ten minutes

Below: Afternoon 'white out' in Oxfordshire - different location, same results

The blue is systematically blanked out again by layer upon layer

Oh no...a VERY BAD SPRAY DAY - 9.a.m and its only just begun!

Above right: 'normal' natural clouds forming and contrasting with the lines of spreading spray layered behind them

Below: The 'milked' or 'silked' sky a couple of hours later...and the ubiquitous 'chembow'

Its midday and its all over. It's a white-out yet again!

It seems that the previous obvious grid patterns are still there but sometimes replaced by less obvious methods which still allow the endless layers of emmision - whatever that may be - to spread out and blanket the sky in a milky haze. Sometimes that haze appears to be affected by 'a force' that makes it go into parallel lines or ripples. But the result is always the same - a white-out sky, a strange metallic light and a fuzzed out sun. Oh, and the odd (very odd) 'chembow'.

Above: The one on the left taken in Wiltshire on 23rd March

Below: The ripple effect - the sky is sprayed then the spray breaks up into waves or lines

Above: In the image on the left the ripple effect is starting - ten mins later it is stronger

Below: The effect is both widespread and localised on patches of spray

Above right: The contrast between the unrippled and the rippled patch of spray

Above:This image has been reverse coloured to show the rippling more clearly.

Below: Later that afternoon the spraying returns to 'normal'

Below: The month of March ends very badly

Above/below: The ubiquitous 'chembow' ring appears in the heavily sprayed metallic sky

Below: The sky is now hazed with an eerie silvery light as another line of spray runs through it

Above: 'White out' by mid afternoon. An hour later it begins to clear only to be resprayed.

Below: Again the localised 'ripple effect' -parallel lines form in a line of spray

Above: A couple of hours apart but similar 'V' shaped spray formation

What follows is a record of some of the chemical/stratospheric aerosol spraying, in the southern region of the UK from Sept 2013 to FEB 2014.

Above: Hampshire and Surrey - heavy spraying or is it just 'normal contrails'? Either way it isn't at all acceptable and takes us all the way to a dismal day

Below - Wiltshire, February 24th...another bad sky day.

Below - after continual spraying in the south west of England the day ended as it began.

See how this 'con' trail starts to spreads rather than dissipates over a ten minute period.

Below- Dorset's blue sky disappears under the usual milky haze

Here are a series of images from Autumn that show the blue sky being layered by gauzy spray that eventually obscures the blue and turns it milky. Note the 'A' shape in the spray lines in the third and forth images.

Now here's a very strange cloud formation - cover that suddenly took over the sky one afternoon, only to clear away completely within an hour

This could be natural but it was very strange, sudden and unusual.

Below...nothing natural here - the usual spray spreading out and blotting out the sun/blue sky

Not clouds...spray. Lines of it, drifting, getting fatter, spreading out like a milky veil - making the clear sky into silvery opaque.

Kristen Meghan, whistleblower

Don't worry, it's only ice crystals...back to sleep with you all now

JULY 2013


The spraying in the south west of England has been horrendous in late June and into July.

All these images were taken in Somerset/Wiltshire/Dorset UK and are completely genuine.

Here are the latest images taken from morning until mid afternoon July 2013, Wiltshire UK

The criss-cross grids turning into billows of spray. This milky/gauzy veil is spray, not clouds. Spraying results in the unnatural 'chembows' - rainbow rings around the obscurred sun - probably caused by the light refracting off the metallic particulates in the spray.

Chembows are not natural. They are only formed on heavy spraying days like this.

This is how it starts on another clear day...

Does that look like ordinary contrails to you? It's 10am and the sky is being sprayed

Then we get this...

The sprayed ones running diagonally to the horizontal trails have begun to spread. The sky is 'gridded out' to form a blanket of spray.

This is how the sky ends up after just an hour. Note the 'chembow' as the final result.

Think this is natural or acceptable? Do you honestly believe the land and all its inhabitants aren't being sprayed sytematically and consistently and this is just normal?

The day before it looked like this...

Say goodbye to a natural blue sky yet again. Going...


Gone. ...its literally been crossed out...

And say hello strange patches of rainbow or 'chembow'. The first one is a patch over North Dorset in a heavily sprayed sky, July 2013

These images are NOT lens flare or a trick of the camera/Photoshoppped. The one bottom left was taken at 10am in the second week of July when the sky was already heavily sprayed.

Above: Sun and silvery/milky sprayed sky with 'chembow' rainbow ring at 1pm, late June

Below: 10.30am mid July and here's a chembow ring in the worst sprayed sky after weeks of spraying

To the far left of the sun, another bright patch of spectrum on a heavily sprayed day...

And, below, stranger still...the sun is underneath the inverted rainbow so this is not a ring around the sun but an independent curved patch of rainbow in heavy spray. It is hard to tell how milky the sky was in these two shots as the image contrast was adjusted to show the bow more clearly.

Below: This effect was observed in the spray. Why would the spray break up into a ripple of regular lines? This has been observed before and may be due to HAARP.

There are HAAP arrrays all over the world including Wales, UK.

Look up OWNING THE WEATHER IN 2025 and watch

Then ask yourself if this isn't already in place?

Please do your own research - look up, then look it up and speak out!

Goodbye sunshine, hello silvery sky and 'chembow'...this isn't 'conspiracy' it's a daily reality.

YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK, you and everything you love - all Creation.

Please understand these are silent weapons for a quiet war. Spraying is not for your good, nor is it for any other creature's well-being. Spraying is not for the land or the waters.

Then who benefits?

Please look at some of the websites, presentations and video documentaries mentioned in these pages and decide for yourself.

But most of all please LOOK UP and SPEAK OUT.

Below: Satellite image of the South of England with its attendant trails clearly shown across the east coast

Here's a new link that may be of interest...

Please do consider the images on this webpage, whatever your opnion on their cause may be, and then answer this question:


Above: A sad and disturbing satellite of the many showing the trails

This is not about 'the aesthetics of the sky', it's about the essential essence of existence which, like water, each and every being has the right to. Yet, like water, the notion of 'clean' is becoming seriously distorted by humanity to the detriment of all creation.

Is this how we show respect for that which belongs to no one yet affects all?

On this page Poppy will (sadly) share her research, images and links for this unpleasant 'phenomena' in the United Kingdom, specifically England. It is a worldwide problem but as ever Poppy prefers to stick to what she can observe herself.

Please view these informative, appalling clips from the UK on You Tube

Above: Chemtrail Lattice Formation - UK Midlands taken from as is the information below (with thanks)

CONtrails are just vapour - they apparently disperse [accounting for variation in pressure and humidity] in anything between 30 secs to 2 mins
CHEMtrails or aerosols spraying is not vapour - these linger for hours after spreading out.
Aerosol activity can be spotted by seeing one* or more of the following:
a) Co-ordinated, high altitude plane runs by [between 1-4] boeing style tanker planes
b) Specific formations/trails created
c) Blatent spraying which after a few minutes turns the clear sky into a dull, milky haze
*Several types of activity are known - night spraying also takes place and has done increasingly since this phenomena became more public.

This information has been disputed by people who believe that contrails can do all sorts of strange things depending on the prevailing atmospheric conditions at the altitude the planes are flying. This is as may be but how do we then explain a complete absence of contrails for nearly two months in a considerable area of Wiltshire in the UK? The atmospheric conditions have changed markedly over that period, and planes still fly daily (many on their route to and from Bristol airport), but the familiar criss-crossing and densely spreading trails have been notably absent for the whole time. Surely this deserves closer examination by people who insist the chemtrails are all contrails? As perhaps does this...

And maybe this...

If you feel like seeing still more compelling evidence for chemical spraying...or persistent and peskily spreading contrails if you will...another excellent resource is


They have regularly updated photos and information from all around the world.

To illustrate the way the trails are laid and then spread here are a series of images taken WITHIN THE PERIOD OF AN HOUR on the same afternoon in 2009 to illustrate how chemtrails appear, what to look out for and their effects.

These images are shocking if we truly take on their implications...

Above: An ordinary plane in the early afternoon sky, seen inside the red star. Note, there are no emmissions from this plane. It is now just after one thirty p.m on a clear, crisp day

Above: The sky in the other direction showing some evidence of previous fading chemical trailing activity, i.e. the cross-shaped pattern and lines which spread out into a milky film rather than dispersing as contrails do

Above: The sky filing up with chemtrails, the image here showing the strange dropping fillaments or fluffy emissions that accompany some of this spraying activity. Although still clear and blue the amount of planes streaming chemicals (or whatever they are pumping out) is becoming more pronounced...

Above and below : It is now getting on for two o'clock and there is so much activity going on in the sky it is hard to keep up with it all. Planes are crossing over eachother and at virtually all points of the compass there is chemtrailing activity

Above: Only minutes later and the sky is losing its blue as planes fly left and right

Above: It is now approaching two thirty p.m and the image shows that the blue is being obliterated by fluffy white emmissions spreading out into the charecteristic milky film of chemtrails

Above: Note in the left hand corner of this image there is a 'crooked' chemtrail, often observed. See how in the right hand corner there are many overlapping chem-lines with a plane flying across them from right to left

Above: A horrible sight that we are now taking as normal. It is shorty after two thirty and just an hour has passed since the first picture was taken. Although the sun has got lower the sky has been 'milked over' by chemtrails, making it appear hazy and much later in the day. The beautiful clear blue is gone.

Above: The end result just after two thirty p.m: a 'blanked out' sky filled with the trademark criss-crosses (two are visible here, one with its centre going into the roof on the right)


NEW series of photos from the last week in JUNE/early JULY 2013

Photos taken over Wiltshire UK and Somerset UK showing the progressive spraying, as part of a week long 'campaign'

CHEMBOWS from the same period

Above: Here's a rainbow patch to the right of the sun

Above: The left is the metallic silvery/milky sky at one o'clock in the afternoon after serious spraying all morning. As with all spraying the end result is eerie. Note the 'chembow ring' around the sun. The right shows a partial ring at 10am on a diferent day.

Below: Chembow after heavy spraying at 10.30 am on yet another day in mid July, Wiltshire.

This is NOT a camera effect but a genuine phenomena seen after heavy spraying.

It is probably a result of light refracting off metallic particulates in the spray.


Here's another chembow in Wiltshire on a dfferent day...

Below: A series of photos showing an afternoon in Dorset across a two hour time period

Above: An enormous trail with a fringe of chemical 'bobbles' across the seaside town of Lyme Regis. Within an hour this trail has becime very fat and had spread its contents across the sky in a huge swathe, only to be overlaid by others

Above: Distinctive cross and 'snake' . There were others which resembled vertebrae or spine shapes

Above: A trail which spread out from this fringed worm shape

Above: The milking over of the sky becoming apparent in the right hand corner and still the planes keep coming...

Above: From clear brilliant blue to milky white, via a host of bizarre shapes and the multi-layering of trailed emissions

Note the rainbow in the final image: it is not a trick of the lens but was actually visible in the sky for a long's one of the spraying phenomena known as


These images were taken in September in Devon and Somerset UK

Above: This image sums up where we're heading - a surviellance camera, a heavily 'chemtrailed' (or contrailled if you prefer) sky and a demand for couldn't make it up.

This sky isn't naturally overcast but unnaturally obliterated by spreading lines of emission/spray, systematically layered throughout the day.

Below: The sky is milky with persistent spraying that has been overlayed since the morning when the day began clear blue.

Below: Within the hour the blue is completely obliterated and the sky is strangely pearlescent. Some planes keep on spraying and one cuts through the fug, leaving a darker line. A 'chembow' rainbow effect now becomes visible in a ring around the sun. This isn't a flare in the camera lens or a fault but an actual phenomena that was clearly discernible in the sky on the day...

Below: Here's that image enhanced to show the chembow

Above: A small patch of rainbow or a spectrum appeared to the left of the sun and the larger rainbow ring. In this photo the colours aren't clear but a brighter patch can be observed where it was. Below are images of it enahnced to show the colours

Poppy has seem this 'patch of rainbow' effect many times when the sky has been very heavily adulterated with whatever it is that has been sprayed. She has never observed it on any other occaision. Although it is possible that such 'spectrum patches' occur with other weather conditions, the connection to chemical spraying has been revealed to her again and again over the last few years.

From Wiltshire, UK, late June 2013, early afternoon, milky metallic sky, chembow.

This site will document as many as possible from now on.

This clip shows what these chembow patches actually look like.

And another

And (below) here's what the chembow looks like when filmed by somebody in the USA. Note the comments under this YouTube video that explain it way as 'petroleum product' in the sky. Even if this is the cause - chemtrails being a huge quanity of 'ordinary' contrails spreading out - then isn't that bad enough?

Here's what other people have observed about these 'chembows' and what may cause them

Chemicals including barium salts, polymers and aluminum oxide are dispersed via aircraft in chemtrails, providing water droplet nucleation sites and increasing high altitude ice crystal formation, often resulting in stunning rainbows (chembows and sun dogs), and pink and green dichroism due to diffraction and refraction of light

The above images aren't an effect of the lens or camera/Photoshop trickery. They were both taken in July 2013 over West of England after heavy spraying in the morning. The one on the left is 10am, the right is 1pm on different days. Note the milky silvery sky.

Here's one viewpoint on them:

If you’ve been paying attention to chemtrails, you may have observed rainbow smearing (diffraction) of light reflected off them.  Dark sunglasses can bring the subtle rainbows into the dynamic range of the human eye.  Chembows are often visible when the sunlight reflects at approximately 45• angle to the chemtrail.

Diffraction is a quantum interaction between photons of light and edges of atoms.  When metallic surfaces have features smaller than a wavelength of visible light (nanometer scale),  different wavelengths will be reflected at different angles.  When features are ordered in a linear pattern (such as on a DVD optical disc), a rainbow will appear.

In the rain, or other atmospheric conditions where water droplets are large enough, rainbows appear due to refraction.  Atmospheric refraction (such as from a rainbow in a rainstorm) is a similar phenomenon to chemtrail diffraction.  Its important to note, however, that rainbows can be seen in light reflected off chemtrails, not only refracted from behind, which may occur under other atmospheric conditions, such as the presence of large ice crystals or droplets.

For more information please see

ABOVE: THIS IS NOT A REGULAR RAINBOW -- the key difference is that it is reflected, not refracted. A normal rainbow is seen regardless of clouds, but usually after rain when there are droplets of moisture in the sky; however a chembow is seen superimposed on a cloud (containing metallic aerosols), even when it hasn't rained.

In the clip below a Swedish MP for the Green Party speaks out about the fact that chemtrails are real



Those magnificent men in their flying machines....they're at it again. The decline of a beautiful day in March 2010

Hey chaps, it's a sunny day with a clear blue sky and people may start feeling happy if we're not careful. I know, lets MESS IT UP with some of, 'normal emission'.

Above and directly below: Even as these photographs were taken (before noon) the sky was already hazing up with...whatever it may be. See the right hand side of the images for this effect.

Below: Early afternoon with more lines, lots of 'activity' in the skies. It's definetely getting mistier up there... See how the blue is replaced by milky 'spray'. In the fifth image down there is an anomaly that was actually much more visible to the naked eye: a sort of clear blue path through the murk which runs almost parallel to a chem/contrail. Hopefully this is visible to the viewer here. How is that possible?

Below: You would think this image was getting later, maybe towards twilight time. No, its three in the afternoon and the once vivid blue sky has been swallowed by that 'msytery substance' that 'normal emission' or whatever else it may be.


To remind you of how things used to be (and so that you can compare and contrast the very 'clear' difference between CON and CHEM) is a 'standard' contrail in the same area of sky on another March day

Note that it leaves no huge spreading trail when passing. And the clear blue that remains in it's wake is unsullied by endless lines of emission


Good Day Sunshine? Not For Long ...

Below is another series of images taken in March 2010 revealing the demise of a sunny day

Above: Again notice the strange rainbow anomaly that was actually in the sky not a trick of the camera or light

Below: One of the many helicopters that usually accompany the activity

Below: A series of images showing a curious loop shaped 'emission' and how it unfurled into a 'cloud'

Below: Yet more 'new clear days'...the threat is potentially just as lethal as the fallout from the 'nuclear days' we used to be scared of only this time nobody notices the threat in the sky above them! How do we know what is drifting down? If you think I am mad then please see THE MYSTERY OF THE (DEAD) STARLINGS below these typical crossing chemtrail images.



An event that happened around two miles from where most of the chemtrail images on these pages are regularly taken.

Again, even if these are 'only contrails' (and unconnected to the death of these beautiful birds) surely the images on in this section must now be showing that things are very far from okay above our heads?

And, for that matter, in 'our' air... shared as it is by all other innocent beings.


APRIL 2010: the grounding of air traffic due to Icelandic volcano dust


Above: The return to unsullied skies

Joyous reports from all over the UK have come to Poppy in the last few days as regards the beautiful sight of CLEAR BLUE SKIES...pollution and haze free with no endless lines of spreading emmissions...thanks to the grounding of planes due to a natural phenomena (volcano.)

Above: The usual daily sight

WHATEVER THESE APPALLING LINES IN THE SKY ARE PLANES ( wherever they are from, whatever they discarge) ARE RESPONSIBLE

Above: What we will go back to when the planes are allowed to fly again

Incontivertible proof, if any more were needed, that we CAN have clear skies if there are no planes up there emitting or spraying or discharging exccess fuel or WHATEVER THEY DO!

Above: A sequence typical of the degeneration of the skies over an afternoon



Again, this is not about aestehtics, or human inconvenience, only the right for ALL OUR RELATIONS - human or not - to breathe clean air, expeirence the natural beauty of a heavenly blue sky and not be bomarded with any unknown (or known and undesirable) substance that is detrimental to innocent creatures of any kind.



This is what was outside the window...

And then it was gone into the clouds

But what lies beneath?



Above: Aerosol spraying over mid-Cornwall with another 'crooked' chemtrail

Above: Chemtrails over Shropshire, a milky mid-afternoon sky with layers of emissions


If we do not start agreeing it is not then it soon will be our norm.

PLEASE VIEW THE WEBSITE BELOW TO SEE MORE IMAGES OUTSIDE THE UK and to EDUCATE YOURSELF. Click on the link and go to CHEMTRAILS (listed in alphabetical order in red at the top of the page)

Below: Shockingly similar images to the ones on Poppy's UK page from this excellent American site